Latest Ways to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Any and all types of cosmetic or plastic surgery require proper preparation and attention to detail. If you are undergoing a breast surgery operation careful preparation would help to ensure that the surgery is a success. On the contrary, if you are undergoing something much simpler like laser treatment you will still need to prepare in much the same way. It will also facilitate a smooth recovery process and lead you to feeling like the money you spent was a worthwhile and sound investment.

Listed below are the ways on how to best prepare for plastic surgery:

Be In Your Best State of Health

Before going for a breast surgery operation, or something on the same level of severity, it’s recommended that you be at your best state of health. Engage in frequent exercise, get enough rest and eat healthy, this will help you cope and recuperate faster after the procedure. Draw up a daily plan to make sure you are getting the just amount within each department. Aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night, eat your meals frequently and exercise when available.

Familiarise Yourself with the Surgery

Once you realise you need or desire plastic or cosmetic surgery, start familiarising yourself with the procedure. Know what the surgery entails, as this will help you to understand the possible complications you may face and estimated recovery periods. Ask questions and do research from credible sources to understand the expected outcomes of the surgery and the risks involved with it. Blogs may not be credible sources, however they are a decent source of personal reflection and experiences, always consult your doctor or health care team in regards to the serious and more specific aspects of the surgery. Your specialist will be able to provide you with any specific knowledge or answers you desire, due to their immense understanding of the industry. Note that once you have familiarised yourself with the surgery process, you will be more informed – Fear of the unknown usually causes more fear and stress.

Speak up

Inform the doctor or your healthcare team about your concerns. Enquire so that you may be well informed about the ins and outs involved with an operation such as; breast surgery, whether it is breast reduction surgery or a lift operation. Telling them about your concerns before the surgery can help calm you down before the surgery. Even after familiarising yourself with the whole surgery, it is important to know what to expect during surgery, especially if you haven’t been on an operating table before.

Learn About Anaesthesia

You might possibly not meet with your anaesthesiologist until a few minutes before surgery. Being under anaesthesia could be scary because it places you into an unconscious state of mind – you are thus blissfully unaware of everything. Reading about the experience of other patients with anaesthesia will not be helpful. This is because patients have varying experiences and yours may be different to theirs,, Ask your anaesthesiologist, he/she would be happy to explain the process to you in full detail and put your worrisome mind at ease.

Ask About Your Diet

You may need to ask your surgeon if there should be any dietary changes after your surgery. When necessary, your surgeon would tell you to abstain from certain foods or drinks to facilitate a quicker and smoother recovery period.

Now that we have outlined and touched base on a few specific recovery preparation requirements, there are still a few more things to elaborate on.

Basically, here are some general instructions to follow if you are preparing for breast surgery: If you smoke, try to avoid smoking as smoking can significantly reduce the ability for your body to heal.

Also, abstain from alcohol or any alcoholic beverages 24 hours before the surgery.

You may want to consider avoiding the sun if you are undergoing skin treatment that includes a hydrafacial or something similar.

Wash your body with good antiseptic or antibacterial soap a night before plastic or cosmetic surgery. This helps to remove any bacteria on the surface of your body.

Avoid taking aspirin or any other painkiller, such as Neurofen, Ibuprofen, etc. for an amount of time before the surgery, this point really depends on the type of procedure you will be undergoing. If you are under medication, discuss it with your surgeon. And if for any reason you need to take a pain reliever, take paracetamol.

Six hours before the surgery, do not suck, chew, or eat any food, water, sweet, gum, or beverages. If you have fingernail and toenail polish, remove them. If you fixed acrylic nails, you may need to remove them.

Following the steps above will give you the best preparation for an operation within plastic surgery. Understanding how to best prepare for a surgery or treatment can not only put your mind at ease, but help the ones around you feel confident with the process you are about to undergo.

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