How a Drain Camera Works

Drain cameras can come in handy when you are experiencing drain problems like blocked sinks throughout the home and/or bad smells coming up through the drain pipes. Drain cameras and a variety of similar tools can come in handy and make it easier to see what the problem is inside the drain instead of ripping everything up and making even more of a mess. If there seems to be a problem within the pipes instead of plumbers digging up your whole yard looking for the problem by inserting a camera into the pipework it means they can find out what the problem is first, before even thinking about delving into the issue.

It is no longer the case of digging up your lawn and beautiful gardens thanks to technology creating the sewer camera. The drain camera can fix small problems without digging everywhere or busting any older ageing pipes.

Here is everything you need to know about how a drain camera actually works:

How Does It Work?

Sewer cameras are designed to be inserted into the sewer itself. There is a fibre optic camera that attaches to the long metal cable. The cable gets pushed into the sewer opening then it is controlled by a motor that is inside the cable or wire. The cable then unrolls from a coil as the camera goes further into the sewer. The camera will move through the sewer pipes as the drain technician watches on the screen for problems or blockages. The camera connects to a closed-circuit display and relays the information back. There are power lights on the end of the camera that lights the sewer up enabling anything standing out to be noticed. This is the easiest way to see if there is a specific cluster of blockage within your pipe.

When can you use one?

Camera inspections are done quite often, especially when symptoms of a problem signal that something is wrong. By using this camera, it allows plumbers to find the problem without tearing up your garden flowers or fresh green grass. Plumbers may have a fair idea of what your problem is, but they need to be 100% sure before they start any repair process. The camera will help the workers determine what the problem is. If you think there is a fracture in the pipe, or you think you may have tree root blocking the pipe a camera will find the problem, so the right solution is used.

Why It’s Effective

If a drain camera is not used to detect problems, then the only way to find out what is wrong is by digging down to the blocked drain pipes and checking them out directly. This is a quite slow and very messy process not to mention destructive to your garden, plumbing and lawn. Plumbers cannot pinpoint exactly where the problem is located so they will need to keep digging trenches until they find the cause. By using a drain camera, the problem can be worked out without any mess and destruction. You don’t want holes and trenches dug into your yard. If a plumber needs to dig to make a repair, we can use the camera to determine exactly where the problem is. Even if you don’t have a problem you can get a plumber to simply inspect your pipes with the camera to check the health of your pipes and capture any minor problems early that may arise into something bigger if left untreated. A small job to find a potentially big problem that is growing will save you money and time in the long run.

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