How a simple renovation can help your house sell

For most people, a house is a significant investment, and when you are trying to monetise that investment, you want the maximum benefit from it., It is, however, tricky if the house you are trying to sell is pretty old. You will be surprised how simple renovations to “this old house” can drastically increase its value in the market. Such simple modifications can make your house more appealing to the potential buyers, thus boosting the price of your home significantly. You need to take care though, not to incur unnecessary costs on a home you are going to sell and to target only those areas which will make it more interesting for the buyer.

There are a few essential factors that a buyer looks for in a house, and these are the things you should pay attention to when renovating the house to boost its price in the market.

  1. The overall look of the exterior:  As we have heard in every circumstance, ‘the first impression is the best impression’. For anyone to get a good impression of the house, the exterior of the home should look appealing. A fresh coat of paint to the exterior walls should do the trick, along with some refinement of the landscaping. Trimming the lawn and shrubs and putting some new plants in the garden will make it look more attractive. Replacing the old garage door with a new one is also something you can consider to add value.
  2. The kitchen is a vital part of the house, and people usually do not compromise on the comfort of the kitchen when buying a home. It is also a place which is used extensively, and wear and tear will be evident on the appliances in the kitchen. It is wise to invest in the remodelling of the kitchen too and upgrade same by replacing cabinet doors, changing cabinet hardware where needed, replacing with newer models of appliances which are more energy efficient, changing counter tops and probably changing the doorknobs of the cabinet doors, changing the kitchen sink, etc. If you have a blocked kitchen sink, then people are bound to notice, so clearing out drains is an excellent action to take. A better-looking kitchen will leave a good impression on the house.

  1. The bathrooms are also significant selling points of your house, and a minor facelift of the bathrooms could increase the selling price drastically. You will gain a much bigger return than what you spent on your remodelling. Minor changes like re-grouting tiles, changing the wash basin, changing pipe fittings, and replacing the toilet with a more modern one, could go a long way in improving the price of the house.
  2. A fresh coat of paint on all the interior walls of the house, new polishing on the wardrobes and professional cleaning of the whole house will also ensure a fresh and clean look to the home.
  3. Improving the energy efficiency of the entire house will also enhance the selling points of the house. Older models of water heaters, room heater, air conditioner and other such appliances are not as energy efficient as the newer models available in the market. Try to replace these older models with the new ones wherever your budget allows as the new homeowners are increasingly found to prefer more energy efficient homes than the traditional ones.
  4. Even if you can’t even afford to make so many modifications of the house, make sure to repair any leakage of water outlets and blocked drains, check to see if all the windows and sliding doors can shut correctly and at least give a fresh coat of paint to the front exterior walls and the front door.

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