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Top 6 Things You Dont Want to Hear From Your Agent

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Every industry has its gimmicks and the real estate market is not in a different kettle of fish. While realtors try to close deals, they might become clever by half with unprofessional statements. When the wrong marketing content or statement is sent to potential buyers and sellers, there is a likelihood of stalling the transaction. Here are some things people don’t want to hear in real estate.

Tampering with the Value of Homes

Lying about the value of a home is a misnomer in the real estate industry. Sometimes realtors try to impress home sellers and buyers by adjusting the real values to get a listing contract. An unsuspecting home buyer might discover the real value by comparing property in the neighborhood, and the agent will lose his credibility. More so, top-rated property websites might blacklist that home from featuring online. When homeowners hear inflated values about their property, it gives an impression of misrepresentation. This violates the code of ethics and it is bad for the industry.

Our Brokerage Agent Is A Million-Dollar Producer

The cliché ‘A Million-Dollar Producer’ was used in the 1980s and early 90s when real estate wasn’t a bigger industry. Most serious clients will not congratulate any real estate agency that claims to be ‘A Million-Dollar Producer.’ They don’t need a Rockstar, adverts or promotional materials that assures them the property deal is being brokered by an agent who only sells a million-dollar home, but in the real sense has sold fewer homes.

Update Is Unavailable

Clients don’t want to hear this from their real estate agency; ‘I don’t return calls Here are some things people don’t want to hear in real estate.ter 4 p.m.’ It’s a lack of courtesy not to provide feedback. Poor communication skill is a problem when trying to close a property deal. Buyers and sellers expect their real estate brokerage to have all the necessary details concerning their negotiations. It’s improper not to provide feedback by returning emails, and phone calls. The professional real estate agent should understand that good communication skills strengthens their brand and reassures clients of regular updates.

Telling Clients to Be Available on Open House Days

What happens when a potential home buyer is unable to attend open house events? Asking the buyer to perform all the inspections and leg-work when finding a home is unprofessional. Without attending open house events, the agent should be able to adjust his schedule to when the client chooses to inspect a home for sale. If there are legitimate reasons why the agent can’t make it, then the inspections should be rescheduled.

Don’t Worry About Offensive Odor

Homeowners offering their property for sale, and clients that are inspecting them don’t want to hear that cigarette and pet smells don’t matter. The truth is; clients from both sides of the divide are smarter when it comes to home acquisition. The thought that buyers won’t notice offensive odor shows lack of professionalism on the path of the real estate agency. New buyers inspecting a home is more likely to notice any unpleasant odor than someone that’s already inside the house.

Landscaping Doesn’t Matter

When your realtor tells you to conserve money by avoiding landscaping, it’s bad advice. The homeowner might want to remodel their property to increase its value. They might have a tight budget, but the lawn and front facade of the home is as important as the interior beauty. If you have patchy grass, overgrown weed, and withered trees around the home for sale, it’s going to turn-off some serious buyers. It’s better for realtors to advice home sellers than telling them lies and false impressions about their property.


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