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Which Water Filters Are Best For a New Pool

That clear blue pool with clean water won’t stay the same forever. So, what do you when you see (which you cannot) all those suspended particles in the water grow with every passing minute?

You will find a wide variety of filters in the market considering the lifestyle of people. There are enough pools to see the success of the filter market. So how do you know what to choose?

Let us start with the technology available for cleaning the pool.

Traditional systems

Sand filtration

The filtration uses the back-washing technology and offers a fineness of cleaning particles of a size of up to 50 microns. Installation of the system requires a sewage system and the cleaning process requires a great deal of water.

Glass filtration

This system is the aesthetic version of sand filters. In addition to that, it is more costly than sand filters and has the same functionality.

Cartridge filtration

This system promises a filtration of up to a level of 20 microns by limiting the water consumption in the cleaning process. But you need to clean the pool by rinsing the cartridge with a hose which consumes more time as compared to the sand filtration. But then, at the same time, the installation doesn’t require any other connection.

Pocket filtration

It is the same as cartridge filtration with small pockets in the setup, which can be disposed of as well as it can be washed to reuse. The only difference is that the maintenance of the system is frequently required.

Diatomaceous earth filtration

This system offers excellent filtration but is most compatible with places like water parks or hotel swimming pools considering its technical working and being costly.

But what are the factors that affect the selection of the filter?

You can begin with taking into account the type of pool you want a filter for. Is it a normal house pool, or is it the one at your holiday home? Is it meant for kids or more like the one you can party in? Is it surrounded by plants or if it has great exposure to the wind?

What is the volume that your pool will have because this will decide the flow of filtration?

The electricity consumption of the filter you use is also a measure that you need to take in consideration. After all the pool is meant for enjoyment and not a burden. And if you are a person who goes for looks and you want the filter to fit right in with the surrounding, then the aesthetics is one more matter that you should be concerned about.

The elements of the filtration system


pump, steel

This part is responsible for recycling water and making sure that it goes through the purification process periodically. It consists of a pre-filter, a turbine and a motor. Along with the pump, you should really take a look at your water tank installation to make sure its been configured properly.

Electrical cabinet

It makes sure that the pump is connected to the power source of the house. This also helps you to set the filtration time.


These are responsible for the elimination of impurity, accounting for the quality of water in the pool. The size and power of the filter you need is heavily dependent on the size of your water tank. You may have a 10000 litre water tank so expect to spend big on a strong variety of filters.

Hydraulic system

Skimmer – it is responsible for eliminating impurities like leaves, insects and other floating debris with the help of a suction cone and a weir.

Piping – it is responsible for guiding the water.

Refilling nozzle – this part ensures that the movement of the filtered water is towards the pool.

All the above-mentioned parts are responsible for the pretty little pool that you always dreamed of having. So, keep in my mind everything before you buy a filter. This blog is exactly where you should begin.

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