Why Going Away is Essential

With so much work piling up and you trying to get things organised, most likely the holiday you are dreaming of is far from your mind right now. You are thinking that the best option for getting everything done is to work non-stop until it is done. This is not the solution and can have an adverse effect on workplace productivity. Taking a holiday is a great way to boost productivity. It doesn’t need to be a substantial long holiday that requires you to fly to the other side of the world even a small weekend trip can do wonders for your health and overall workplace productivity. It could be as local as flying to Tasmania and staying at a wharf hotel in Hobart. Sometimes all you need is a little getaway and breath of fresh air to feel that little bit more inspired and feel ready to get back to work. It is a sure thing that after spending up to a couple of nights in the beautiful town of Hobart you will come back with the following benefits:

Better sleep

Sleep is one of the most neglected things in your life. We tend to ditch a nap in order to get as much work done as we can. Having a lack of sleep will have an adverse effect on your energy levels and your mood. You will have decreased work productively and lack the customer service skills while your energy and mood levels are right down. This can lead to poor decisions and less work being produced.

Lower stress levels

People who relax and recharge their batteries regularly are less stressed than those who don’t. People who neglect relaxing find they tend to burn out quicker, physically and emotionally. Taking a holiday can take a huge load of stress off, that can still be noticed and felt weeks after the holiday has finished.


Increased productivity

Do you tend to give up on tasks you haven’t started and added them to the list for tomorrow? This can be a sign you are tired and need to relax. Work can be both mentally and physically draining and something we all need a break from time to time. 
You can’t exercise regularly without needed a break, and you will start tripping over and becoming sluggish. Work productivity works in the same way.



Even if you are a naturally creative person, it can be hard to find ideas when you are uninspired or feeling tired. You lack finding new perspectives. Therefore, your job requires the skills you provide to get the job done correctly. Staying at Hobart’s famous storytelling hotel can inspire and bring that spark back into your life and what better way to do so with the ocean right at your doorstep.

Having more focus

Think about spending some time outside among nature. Studies have shown that being outside and surrounded by nature can aid in healing your physical and mental health. Examples can be spending some time at the beach or sitting under some shady trees and reading a book.
 These type of therapies can add some main benefits and come with no side effects.
 Doing this is free however when you are away somewhere new, and you are completing these therapies it is so much more effective, as there are no worries, no stress, no one to distract you, it’s an unfamiliar place. Just enjoying the outdoors is an excellent way to recharge your batters and increase your productivity in the workplace. Try completing these therapies on your lunch break to practise.

Take a step back enjoys some alone time to recharge better heading back into the reality of work.

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